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4 Inspiring Natural Mysteries Of The World

Posted April 19, 2016

The vast and varied landscapes of our world offer mysterious locales and happenings that prove endlessly unsolvable. Despite the immense efforts of the world's great scholars, these mysteries elude understanding, which only enriches their awe-inspiring presence.

The sheer scale of these wonders demands the chance to see them with your own eyes. Even then, you may continue to revel in these oddities for years to come. Here are four stunning natural mysteries of the world you must see to believe.


The sand dunes throughout Tarfaya, Morocco have a tale to tell, and they share it through song. Their booming voice sings at an astonishing level of 105 decibels at times. To some, the songs sound like a drawn-out rumble, while others report hearing squeaking and roaring in succession.

Although visitors maintain that movement of the sand starts the songs anew, scholars have long argued the origins of these mysterious sounds. One thing researchers can agree on is that the size of the sand grains determines the pitch of the song. Research groups continue to observe and experiment to determine just how the sand grains create their unique melodies.


The Son Doong Cave near Dong Hoi, Vietnam has eluded explorers and researchers for thousands of years. In 1991, the cave was discovered by a resident, but word did not spread to research groups for another 18 years.

With a meandering river, rainforest, and isolated ecosystem, this cave is truly one of a kind. The vegetation grows freely due to the large natural skylights created as the thin limestone ceilings disintegrated. Since much of the cave is still unexplored to this day, the contents held deep within remain a mystery. Without knowing what is waiting inside, you can take a tour through the initial pathways at your own risk.


The Nazca lines run across the desert in Peru near their namesake town. The 3,000-year-old lines are actual etchings in the rough ground that reveal the light gray tones beneath the red rocks. These etchings extend across a one-mile stretch and continue for a staggering 37-miles.

Stylized hummingbird of the Nazca Lines in Peru

In one section, the lines extend across the marked landscape perfectly parallel to each other. An impressive array of geometric and animal shapes also adorn the landscape. Perhaps the most interesting part is the sheer scale of the etchings. Most only take shape once you are miles above the ground, with the largest stretching more than 660-feet.


Scientists have long attempted to understand how the 100-year-old crooked forest near Gryfino, Poland came to be. The trees throughout the forest feature the same hook shape at the base of their trunks. Researchers' theories range from human intervention to gravitational forces causing the odd shapes.

Mysterious crooked forest in Poland

Theories about adverse weather conditions, like a heavy snowstorm, have also been put into circulation by scholars. A total lack of evidence and absence of similar phenomenon in the world makes it difficult to reveal the true cause of the oddly shaped forest.

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