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5 Travel Apps to Download Before Your Next Vacation

Posted April 21, 2016

Remember having to pack multiple travel guides into your suitcase to ensure you would be able to discover the best your travel destination has to offer? Now you can put all of those resources into your phone or tablet with these incredibly handy apps. Here are five useful apps to download before your next adventure.


What it's for: Helps you pack by creating a custom list of travel items
iOS: Free ($2.99 for premium version)
Android: Free ($2.99 for premium version)

This basic app is free for either Android or iPhone. It will suggest a list of travel items based on your chosen destination and activities. Start by entering your destination and travel dates, and the PackPoint app will then show you the average weather conditions for your desired travel time, and even suggest a list of items to pack.

Once you've created your list, you can email it to your travel companions who will then be able to access the list online, at any time. Upgrade to the Premium Package for $2.99 and you can link your PackPoint account with your Evernote and Tripit accounts to enjoy additional customizable options.


What it's for: Helps you navigate through large airports
iOS: Free
Android: Free

Take some of the frustration out of idle airport time and download the Gate Guru app. Gate Guru is a free app for Android and iPhone that provides useful information on 180 airports worldwide.

From the Gate Guru app, you can view your TripIt itineraries and receive information on current security wait times, airport maps, and reviews of shops and restaurants in the airport. You can also connect with Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare services so you can share your reviews with the world.


What it's for: Guide to the top restaurants in the city you're in
iOS: Free
Android: Free

One of the most exciting aspects of traveling to a new place is sampling all of the amazing food choices. Renowned food critic resource Zagat now puts the information from their comprehensive books into an app that works on Android and iPhone devices.

This app will uncover the best in food, nightlife, shopping, and hotels - wherever you are. You can search for types of food, such as pasta or hamburgers, and then get reviews of local restaurants. You can also view a map of the particular area, search by price, or type in the name of a restaurant. You can even make reservations from your mobile device, regardless of where you happen to be.


What it's for: Converting currencies, temperature and just about everything else
iOS: Free ($1.99 for premium ad-free version)

Don't be intimidated by the various currencies used in the foreign countries you visit - simply download the Converter Plus app by TranCreative! This app combines a currency converter, unit calculator, and a standard calculator, all in one. With conversions that cover hundreds of categories, you'll be well prepared during your luxury travel experience.

The Converter Plus app can calculate meters to feet, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and gallons to liters, as well as provide you with up-to-date exchange rates for 167 world currencies. The basic app also features mortgage, loan, and tip calculators to help during and after your trip.


What it's for: Making fun, easy and beautiful photo books
iOS: Free
Android: Free

When you do return home, you can select your favorite photos from your personal catalog and then create your own unique souvenir with the Mosaic app by Mixbook.

Mosaic lets you choose 20 photos from your phone, and the app will then arrange them in a book with a collage of the photos for the cover. Shuffle the photos as many times as you want, and place an order when you're satisfied with the result. Your souvenir will arrive at your home in just four days.

Create memories, explore new places, sample incredible food, and travel easier with these helpful iPhone and Android travel applications. Your next luxury travel adventure won't be the same with the help of these great apps.