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A Guide to Multigenerational Travel

Posted October 23, 2016

Planning any vacation can feel overwhelming, especially when considering everything that goes into a smooth trip. This can feel much more intense when planning a multigenerational vacation. Whether you are traveling with older friends or family members, or younger children, special considerations must be made to ensure everyone has a pleasant and memorable vacation. Multigenerational travel is when friends or family members of different ages, or generations, take a vacation together.

Although this can be a highly memorable and rewarding experience for many, there is also a unique set of challenges that accompany multigenerational travel. These could include mobility issues for older travelers, and patience issues for younger travelers. With the right planning and special consideration, however, multigenerational travel can be the most rewarding trip you will ever take.


When making the decision on the location, keep in mind your fellow travelers mobility. If a fellow traveler experiences pain or fatigue when standing or walking for extended periods of time, consider a cruise or beach vacation rather than hiking or a museum-heavy vacation.

Also be mindful of any possible medical conditions that may be affected by traveling and always consult a medical provider prior if you have any concerns. When traveling outside the country, make sure to keep prescriptions in original containers and have a copy of the corresponding prescription for easy passage through customs. Although elderly friends and family members don't want to miss out on anything, it is important to consider their specific needs when traveling.


When making the decision on your destination make sure to consider your child's attention span and patience level. You may want to consider an all-inclusive beach resort over a museum, or educational trip if your child is not ready for that. No matter where you are going, make sure to always give yourself extra time and pack snacks.

Your best bet when traveling with children of any age is to be prepared for anything. This could include delays at the airport, inclement weather, bathroom accidents, picky eaters, boring activities such as long commutes, unforeseen illness and everything in between. This will ensure the trip goes smoothly for everyone involved.


Whether this is a mixture of grandparents and toddlers, teens and babies or any other combination of ages, it is important to consider the needs and abilities of everyone during the planning stages. Get all family members involved when deciding on where to go, this will ensure everyone can give some input before the final decision is made. Make sure to plan activities for everyone, even if that means the group parts ways for a couple of hours. This will guarantee everyone has a fun and memorable vacation.

Make sure to also consider everyone's budget and have all financial considerations and expectations sorted ahead of time. This will ensure no single person is footing the bill for the entire trip, or that a trip is planned that one party cannot reasonably afford.


Here are a few places to consider for your multigenerational vacation:

British Town & Country
This exploratory trip through British Town & Country is perfect for traveling with elders. The combination of modern day London with historically rich locations such as Stonehenge is sure to get older friends or family members excited

Brazil: A Wildlife Safari
This exciting trip through the jungles and beaches of Brazil is perfect for traveling with children. Brazil: A Wildlife Safari offers plenty of opportunities to experience rare and majestic wildlife. The kids will love traveling by cable car and canoe!

South Africa Family Discovery
This vacation to one of the most diverse and exciting locations on the entire continent is perfect for mixed age traveling. South Africa Family Discovery offers the opportunity to experience everything from lounging on pristine beaches to rare wildlife

Multigenerational travel can be rewarding for everyone involved if special considerations are taken to ensure everyone has a good time.