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Argentina's Northern Patagonia: A Land of Dreams

Posted January 25, 2017

Latin America is a beloved destination for travel enthusiasts from around the world because there is such an incredibly diverse array of things to do, especially Argentina. Argentina is an exceptional destination for those seeking an "off the beaten path" experience - from the nature and wildlife of Northern Patagonia to the cosmopolitain heart in Buenos Aires. The friendly people combined with the unique cultures, sights and activities make this country a must-visit destination. Here are highlights of three hotspots in Argentina.

Penguins in Peninsula Valdes

Peninsula Valdes is a Patagonian nature reserve on the coast of Argentina where the waters form the world's main right whale breeding grounds, attracted to the area due to the calmness of the waters of the gulf and the weather conditions on the peninsula. Here you can board a boat and head out on the water to search for enormous whale, dolphin, sea lion and elephant seal. You can also visit the Caleta Valdés Natural Reserve as well as Punta Norte, a reserve for sea lion.

Sea lion and thousands of elephant seal have chosen these beaches for breeding and birthing; and whale, orca, penguin and dolphin are all sighted from the estancia's nine miles of coastline. You can spot a wide variety of inland and coastal birds, and see many of Patagonia's native terrestrial mammals. Other group activities include wildlife-watching tours guided by biologists and professional naturalists, hiking trails of varying length and difficulty across the steppe and cliffs, mountain biking adventures, interpretation of native flora, bird watching, astronomy, discussions, and walks in the dunes and fields.


The adorbale Patagonian mara in Puerto Madryn

Eager for even more wildlife? Puerto Madryn is a region that brings to life the best dreams of all travelers - an idyllic region with an ecological message. A dream where animal and plant species live together in perfect harmony with the natural environment.

Puerto Madryn was the site of the first Welsh landing in 1865 when 153 immigrants arrived on a deserted beach deep in what was then Indian country. The area has remained much less developed than other parts of Argentina, leaving a tremendous natural reservoir for many different animal species. The benefits to those who choose to visit Puerto Madryn are far less traffic and crowds than other Latin American destinations, better opportunities to view wildlife in their natural state, and a chance to meet proud and friendly local residents who live in this idyllic and quiet corner of the world.


The colorful houses in La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires

Lastly there’s Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina which beckons with its sophisticated yet inviting vibe. The culture in this city is influential throughout the world., whether it be dance (Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango) or sport (polo, one of the oldest sports on record, is king throughout Argentina, and is played in Buenos Aires between September and November, culminating with the Abierto Argentino de Palermo).

The cafes of Buenos Aires are among the most distinctive characteristics of its society, where a large part of the social, artistic, and cultural life of the city lies. No wonder Buenos Aires is known as the “Paris of South America.”


The best time to visit Argentina is between June and December. For more information about planning a trip to Latin America, consult with the luxury travel experts at Cox & Kings. With more than 250 years of experience in the travel field, you can discover everything the world has to offer, including off-the-beaten-path opportunities such as our Dream Trip to Argentina.