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Carnaval in Brazil: How to Celebrate One of the Country's Most Beloved Holidays

Posted February 19, 2015

Brazil’s Carnaval is one of the biggest parties in the world. It practically shuts everything down as the fun goes nonstop – day and night. The five day festival is full of enormous parades, entertaining music, vibrant costumes and delicious food.

The style of celebrations vary from region to region. One of the most popular Brazilian cities to celebrate Carnaval in is Rio de Janeiro. Millions of people, hundreds of thousands of which are foreigners, are drawn there for the celebration held on the Sunday and Monday nights of Carnaval.

In Rio de Janeiro samba schools organize groups dressed in a particular theme parade through the city performing with musical instruments and dancing. The groups that parade through downtown Rio are renowned for their productions and artistic talents. The production of the floats, stages, costumes, music and choreography is unrivaled by any other annual celebration. It is similar to what went into the opening ceremonies of recent Olympics.

The celebration in Rio is so large that it pours out of the city streets and onto the beaches. Partiers congregate there with their instruments, food, drink and costumes.

The Rio de Janeiro Highlights trip is the perfect way to experience Carnaval there. There private journey spans six days and seven nights and in addition to experiencing the holiday, you will enjoy glamorous local meals, famous landmarks and experience the vibrant nightlife.

Rio de Janeiro is a captivating city in the most dramatic of settings, with breathtaking beaches and a vibrant social life. Lush vegetation, stunning scenery - this city wedged in between the ocean and the mountains offers you the unique Carioca way of life: lots of sun, enchanting natives, and excellent dinners in world renowned gourmet restaurants, a gamut of cultural/entertainment options, the lure of aquamarines, emeralds and other precious stones, and boutique shopping that will keep you at it for days.