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Corporate Event Planning Considerations


Posted July 23, 2015

Corporate getaways or retreats can be a great way for companies to allow employees to regroup in an effort to focus on productive dialogue to improve team performance and morale. In order for a corporate getaway to meet these goals, it must be carefully planned. This can often prove more difficult than it seems as there are several different factors that go into planning a corporate getaway. Here are a few of these aspects to consider when planning your next corporate retreat.

This is one of the most important elements to consider when planning a corporate getaway. Depending on the specific goals you would like to achieve on your getaway, you may want to consider something out of the office, but still within the city, or you may want to consider the various corporate vacation packages available. It is important to plan corporate retreats away from the office as this tends to promote a more creative, open atmosphere because team members are able to mentally and physically remove themselves from the stress of the office.

A carefully planned out agenda will not only ensure you are able to reach your desired goals, but will also make for a smooth retreat. When planning your agenda, consider allotting substantial time for longer discussions on the topics you would like input on, along with time for meals, socializing and discussion wrap-ups. Remember to make sure discussions are evenly spaced with a meal or short periods of downtime to ensure members of your team are engaged and do not burn out. If you have opted for a corporate vacation package, you may also want to consider scheduling time for team members to explore the hotel or surrounding area.

You may want to take the time during your planning stages to consider hiring an outside facilitator for your corporate getaway. A facilitator can help focus the group discussions, encourage team building, and keep the retreat on track. They may also help you with the planning aspects ahead of time. When considering the facilitation of the getaway, set ground rules that are in line with your goals. You will also want to decide what type of technology or tools you will need for the discussions along with what space you will be dealing with and what type of refreshments and snacks you may want to provide.

While disengagement may sound like a bad thing to plan for at your corporate getaway, in this sense we mean disengagement from devices, day-to-day and anything else that may distract the members of your team from the larger goal of the retreat. The point of going off-site for a corporate getaway is to allow team members to focus on the task at hand, which may prove difficult to do with mobile devices on or work e-mail open. Although this may seem unnecessary, this type of disengagement from the normal work routine will help offer up a more creatively diverse conversation during your discussion times.

No matter what specific goals you intend to reach on your next corporate getaway, proper planning ahead of time is the key to getting the most out of it.