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Defining Luxury Travel - Why it Means Something Different Around the World


Posted December 18, 2014

With economies across the globe recovering, the luxury travel sector has seen tremendous growth.

Consumers have again begun to embrace luxury goods and services. Not to be limited to one definition - luxury travel can mean very different experiences. What constitutes luxury differs between countries, although some common denominators include exclusivity and service.

Luxury in China
A culture with an appreciation for the finer things, Chinese consumers purchase approximately 25% of total luxury goods worldwide. In the more industrialized areas of China, consumers value labels, logos, and designer names, while sporting the latest and hottest items.
With such a focus on consumer goods and internationally recognized brand types, it is ironic that in China luxury travel is less flashy and more focused on natural beauty and legendary Chinese service.
Hundreds of miles away, both literally and figurative, from the frenetic bustle of the mega-tech streets of Hong Kong, China offers tourists many high-end options for touring the outer regions. For example: you can travel the Yangtze River on a "boutique river cruiser," which is small enough to explore deep within the country. With only 124 passengers, a better than 1:1 guest/staff ratio, and perfectly executed land excursions - prepare to be severed with style while immersing yourself within the Chinese culture.

Luxury Travel in Africa
A continent of extremes, Africa tends to attract a more adventurous traveler. The standard measures of luxury (exclusive hotels, elaborate pools, up scale bars, etc.) are not the measures of luxury in Africa. Wild and exotic, Africa's pride is the extensive nature preserves, diverse wildlife, and the safari experience.
Your safari vacation does not mean you need to go without - Africa presents you with the most luxurious camping trip you will ever take! From separate thatched bungalows, in ground plunge pools, 5 star chefs, extravagant bedding, sweeping views, and an extensive serving staff - your safari in the bush will leave you feeling like royalty. With all your creature comfort needs exceeded, you will also be able to enjoy the majesty of nature, the awe of large game animals, and the breathtaking beauty of Africa.

Luxury Travel in the Middle East

The epicenter of luxury travel in the Middle East, Dubai is a shining example of opulence. Dubai defines luxury literally - offering the most extravagant and over-the-top amenities, hotels, services, excursions, and even land formations!
Perhaps that most impressive homage to Dubai's dedication to extreme lavishness is the creation of two palm shaped islands of their coastline - which the country has named the 8th wonder of the world. Using 94 million cubic meters of sand and 55 cubic meters of rock in the construction of the islands, as well as over 12,000 palm trees and the finest hotels the world has to offer - Dubai's palm islands are a must see on any traveler's bucket list.
While in Dubai, indulge in luxury at its finest. From spa treatments, shopping, hotel amenities, world class food offerings, and spectacularly effusive service - traveling in Dubai is to be treated like emperor of old - with all the luxury of the world at your feet, ripe for the taking! Get out your credit card and prepare to be amazed!
These are just three examples of the diverse options for luxury travel. From farm-to-table cooking lessons in England, to goat herding in the Himalayas, to survival trekking in the Amazon, to castle touring in Europe - luxury doesn't have one definition. Pick your own luxury adventure and get out to explore the wonders of the world!