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Finding Enlightenment with Japanese Experiences

Posted January 31, 2017

Cox & Kings Japan: Path of Enlightenment journey offers travelers a unique view of this stunning country. On this journey through Tokyo, Yudanaka, Kyoto, and Osaka, you'll visit some enlightening destinations and enjoy a culturally immersive experience. There's no better way to see Japan's finest treasures and learn more about the country's rich history.


Japan is renowned for its horticultural wonders - here, you'll find some of the most beautiful and unique gardens in the world. You'll not only visit the Meiji Shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Mejij and his wife, but also the beautiful Edo Period Hamarikyu Gardens.

View of the Hamarikyu Gardens in Tokyo

On this trip, you'll see the Zenkoji Temple, which is home to Japan's first Buddhist statue. Another enlightening stop along the way is Philosopher's Path - a mile-long path lined with cherry trees where many great minds have pondered the issues of the ages. Then there's Mount Koya - a Shingon Buddhist community of temples. Guests stay in temple lodging and enjoy a traditional vegetarian Buddhist meal called Shojin ryori.


Japanese snow monkeys relaxing in a natural onsen (hot spring) in Jigokudani, Japan

Japan is also famous for its exotic wildlife - especially the snow monkeys. Also known as Japanese macaques, these white-haired primates bathe in the hot springs of Jigokudani. This iconic image is something you won't see elsewhere, so make sure to have your camera ready. Every day provides the opportunity for incredible sights so pay close attention to all the details.

A stop in Kyoto provides the opportunity to don an authentic Japanese kimono and learn a traditional art form. Examples of traditional Japanese arts from which you can choose include calligraphy and origami, both taught by skilled instructors. Unique to the "Enlightenment" tour is hands-on experience; you're not just spectating, you're participating in Japanese culture.


Process of cooking takoyaki, a dough-like snack made with different fillings

Your Japanese journey also takes you to Osaka. This city is a culinary delight; after all, its motto is Kuidaore - which means "eat until you drop." You'll be tempted to do just that as you stroll the chic Dotonbori district, a haven for foodies seeking authentic Japanese delicacies. It's the perfect way to wrap up this incredible tour - offering even the most sophisticated traveler an immersive and luxurious experience.