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Groundbreaking Luxury Travel to Cuba

Posted February 1, 2016

After the recent deconstruction of travel restrictions that have prohibited Americans from visiting Cuba for the past 50 years, many are rejoicing at the newly acquired permission to visit this land that offers such a rich and interesting history. Although travel guidelines to the country currently only allow for religious, educational, and fully guided tours, including people-to-people tours, visitors will love the opportunity to fully explore what Cuba has to offer.

Current tours of the country include an introduction to the ways of life of the Cuban people meant to encourage open exchange of educational people-to-people interactions. Here are some of the highlights of luxury travel to Cuba.

Exploration of this magnificent country allows you endless opportunities to experience the rich culture and history. Simply walking through the streets offers visitors the chance to see significant buildings dating back to the 1940s along with other places of note.

Additionally, many American vintage cars are present on the roadways due to the long-lasting embargo that prevented Cubans from lawfully acquiring American vehicles. As such, Cuba serves as an interesting time warp in which tourists can transport back in time to some of the nostalgic moments of their youth.

For nature lovers, Cuba is comprised of many natural wonders. Explore the numerous waterways, limestone hills and hidden caves. Experience the outdoors in an intimate manner through recommendations from your private guide.

Bask in the savory flavors of Cuban cuisine in famous restaurants, paladors, and open-air patios. Delight in the flavors of Cuban cuisine in Havana and other locales.

Be sure to try out famous authentic Cuban cuisine such as arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), Moros y Cristianos (black beans with rice), ropa vieja (shredded beef), and tostones (twice fried plantains) for dessert. Also, although not as authentic as other Cuban dishes, Cuban sandwiches are still delicious and popular.

Your private tour includes plenty of experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in Cuban culture while being guided by an expert in everything Cuban. Enjoy personal conversations with locals who can discuss methods that they use to decorate pottery, roll cigars and create innovative artistic performances.

Partake in these activities while interacting with individuals who reside or work on farms, pottery studios, or other creative organizations, and who have firsthand knowledge of the subjects they discuss. Also, learn how Havana residents protected their shores from pirates in the 18th Century.

You will also be able to visit the former home of Ernest Hemingway and enjoy the views that he personally had while creating some of his most famous literary works. Although this is a fully guided tour with little free time to explore on your own, the tour has been perfectly curated to allow visitors to experience the rich culture and enriching interactions with the people of Cuba.

No tour of Cuba would be complete without learning about the educational system in the country. Begin your Havana experience at the University of Havana where you will have the opportunity to talk to students and faculty members about their studies.

Then, visit the Muraleando Community Project and the Cuban Institute of Music to learn about fine arts in the area. You will also enjoy a presentation by an art historian at the Cuban Fine Arts Museum. You will even be able to visit local artists in their workshops and homes.

Your experience also includes a guided tour of a daycare center that focuses on providing education to underprivileged children. While the luxury and cultural richness will certainly add to your experience, getting this firsthand look at the country and its less fortunate residents paints a realistic picture of the struggles the country still faces.

Being able to travel to Cuba is a tremendous privilege that has not been enjoyed for over half a century. This tour is a fully planned sightseeing experience is meant to offer visitors the opportunity to have meaningful interactions with the Cuban landscape and people, as outlined in the travel requirements for this type of journey. Be sure to book your fully guided luxury tour to Cuba now and be one of the first Americans to explore this beautiful country in years.