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How to Experience the Best of India by Rail

Posted April 5, 2016

India is a destination renowned for its rich culture and breathtaking scenery. For those who want to experience the incredible beauty of India, the best way to do so is on the Deccan Odyssey. This luxury train is more than just a mode of transportation - it is meant to serve as a wheeled palace.

The Deccan Odyssey was designed to give guests an unparalleled luxury travel experience while providing cultural immersion opportunities and up-close views of India's most beautiful places.


The Deccan Odyssey has two restaurants - Peshwa I and Peshwa II. Both of these establishments serve not only Indian specialties but also international dishes. You'll enjoy fine cuisine from around the world, prepared and served by a friendly, hospitable staff. The chefs work with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the best Indian spices for a palate-pleasing dining experience.

There's also a bar on board this luxury train, where you can relax and sample some of the finest spirits found anywhere. Whether you prefer beer, wine, or cocktails, you'll find something tempting on the drink menu. In addition to the array of internationally-inspired alcoholic drinks, the Mumbai-Hi bar also serves delicious non-alcoholic beverages.


If it weren't for the exotic sights which await just around the corner, you might not want to leave the train due to its luxurious amenities. The health spa center provides relaxing Indian spa treatments, like facials and massages - and there's even a sauna for guests to enjoy. The deluxe cabins on this train are equipped with running water, toilets, wall-to-wall carpeting, an in-room shower, and more.

Onboard spa of the Deccan Odyssey train

Although a journey through India isn't exactly a day at the office, there's a business center on board for those times when work can't wait. The Deccan Odyssey is essentially a luxury hotel on wheels, as you'll see from the moment you board. You've never experienced train travel like this before!


Your journey begins in Mumbai; then you'll travel to ten amazing locations before returning to Mumbai. You'll have the opportunity to see parts of India that are off the beaten path. For example, on day three of your journey, you'll visit the sixth-century caves of Elephanta Island.

Statues carved in sandstone in the caves of Elephanta Island

Other destinations include the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On day seven of the journey, you'll visit the legendary Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort, among other amazing landmarks. The following day, prepare for a wildlife adventure at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, topped off with tea at the Sawai Madhopur Lounge.

Anyone who is looking for a comprehensive experience of the best India has to offer will love the opportunities presented by the Deccan Odyssey. Whether you want to see traditional sights or lesser known attractions, the Deccan Odyssey luxury train tour is sure to delight!