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How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Luxury Trip (Without Taking Away from the Experience)

- by Cox & Kings, The Americas

Posted November 18, 2014

Traveling has always been a means to escape the harried hustle of the everyday experience. You want to leave behind the cubicle, corner office, demanding clients-and more recently, the latest technology, Internet and social media? Do you drag your laptop onto a cruise ship or check your iPhone while lounging with a pina colada along a white sand beach?

Most vacationers want to leave all their responsibilities and technology at home; however, the high-tech gizmos have evolved and new programs and apps can make traveling easier and more efficient. For instance, the Philips PowerStation Pebble is relatively inexpensive, handheld unit that will ensure that your phone stays charged at all times, even while you are using it as a GPS to navigate back to the hotel.

For travelers with slightly more flush budgets, the new technology can offer plenty of options to make the trip more pleasant. For example, Colorfly makes the Pocket HiFi C4 Pro audio player, which travels easily and produces a fantastic sound. Or the AE+Y cell phone from AEsir in Copenhagen - it is lightweight and easy-to-use. In addition, the Sony HMZ-Ti 3-D viewer is lightweight, packs well, and mounts to your head for the ultimate escape viewing experience. No need to dread your long flight with these high tech entertainment options.

Other cool techno-gadgets can fill a need. You can find everyday items that can transform into handy gadgets. Imagine the humble pen - then imagine a pen that can also light a fire, and includes a compass and flashlight! In addition, Swiss Army Knife has a model with a laser pointer and a biometric fingerprint sensor. For high techs observation you can find binoculars with high-definition lenses.

For the luxury traveler who likes jet setting around the world in a private jet without the hassle of actually owning a jet, JetSmarter is an app that enables you to book a private flight just about anywhere. You can search for private carriers, request specific flight schedules, and pay for the excursion right through the app. You are picked-up and dropped-off at private airports around the world.

Another handy app for the busy traveler is PackPoint. While you can find a multitude of packing list apps, PackPoint differentiates itself by generating customized lists of items to take along, based on destinations and weather. This is especially helpful if you are planning a lengthy trip to multiple destinations. Enter your basic information of dates, destinations, purpose of the trip and length of stay. You can add additional information such as “baby,” “wedding,” “business,” or “black tie dinner.” The app calculates and produces a specific list it items to take along, and weather predictions are included at the top of the list.

For the luxury traveler, the new definition of "escaping your everyday life" now means bringing along the technology, rather than leaving it all behind.