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Most Exotic River Cruise Destinations

Posted June 6, 2017

There's something special about traveling by water. If you're thinking about setting out on a voyage, bypass the mega-cruise ships to experience a more intimate and immersive travel experience: river cruises. By embarking on a river journey, you will experience a one-of-a-kind trip where you'll be traveling in class and comfort.

River cruises are becoming increasingly popular due to the personalized itineraries filled with unique experiences, well-planned site visits, and lavish accommodations that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day. These are the kind of trips travel dreams are made of.


View along the Nile River

Riverboat cruises are about both the journey and the destination. When else will you have a chance to experience a voyage down the Nile River? See how Egyptian royalty lived and explore the landscapes of legendary countries. Explore the Great Pyramids at Giza, head into the mummy room of the famed King Tutankhamun, and experience what it's like to float in the Dead Sea.

The majestic Yangtze River in China

For a Far East expedition, travel the Yangtze River and visit the Bisheng Gorge Panda Sanctuary; take a trip to the Great Wall of China; and explore the Temple of Heaven where emperors once prayed. You'll have the opportunity to experience new destinations daily from an up close and personal perspective. Walk the roads of warriors and be led on a tour of the back streets of Beijing.

And, if you want to ride down South America's famed Amazon River, you'll experience life among the tropics. Explore the Panayacu River delta where you'll board a canoe to search for pink river dolphins, squirrel monkeys and local exotic birds. After visiting Piranha Lake, why not relish in food of the locals with a delicious Amazonian barbeque.


With the smaller ship size of river cruises, you'll receive more personalized attention as you travel through some of the most remarkable regions of the world, flowing through the hearts of cities. River Cruising provides the feel of a luxury hotel in a new city each day. And while the scheduled adventures will consist of learning about each city's rich history, taking in the wonders of the world, you'll also have time off the boat to dive deeper into the culture of your chosen location.

Sunset along the banks of the Amazon

Each adventure provides an enriching experience. River cruises allow you to step into the shoes of locals and explore hidden gems along your journey. Not only do you get a chance to ride down historic waterways, but you also get a chance to have a personalized cruise experience. All passengers receive first-class treatment, which helps make the trip even more memorable.

The best river cruises offer the perfect combination of relaxation and activity as new opportunities await you every day, which you can explore at a more leisurely pace. Today's popular river cruise destinations deliver a cultural experience that simply doesn't exist on contemporary, large-scale cruise ships. Embark on a life-changing small ship journey this year to your dream destination, and see what it truly feels like to discover the world around you.