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Plan a Fine-Tuned Vacation for the Music Lover

Posted October 19, 2017

Some of us spent a good portion of our younger years following our favorite bands from one town to the next, while others now travel the world in search of inspiration from music, culture, and art. If you and your travel partners are ready for a musical journey around the world, make sure you create a plan that will expose you and the group to as many "ear-pleasing" sounds as possible - while also taking in the local culture responsible for these vibrant tunes. Here are five destination that will satisfy even the most ardent music lovers today, no matter the music style.


Statue of Mozart at Mozartplatz in Salzburg, Austria

Classic music lovers know all about Vienna, Salzburg, Prague and other cities collectively dubbed the "Storybook Cities," as many of the world's most famous classical composers lived and performed in this historic part of the world. If you and your travel companions are classically-trained musicians, or simply have a deep appreciation for classical music, looking for that perfect balance of music and culture, you must create a travel itinerary that includes time spent in the Storybook Cities.


A young man plays guitar in Villa Alcira, Bolivia

Though most travelers don't immediately think of Bolivia as a destination for international music-lovers, there is a rich and storied history in the area, and native, classical and contemporary musical styles abound in this nation of nearly 11 million people. Bolivia's ties to Spain throughout history have created an appreciation for classical music and European musical styles, but the nation's native inhabitants have kept traditional music styles alive for centuries.


A traditional Rajasthani musician playing a ravanhatta

Beyond the incredible landscapes, historic buildings and palaces, and vibrant local culture in Rajasthan emerges a unique music scene that is energetic, upbeat and powerful - and it is a veritable dream destination for music lovers. Rajasthan offers traditional music, like women's Panihari songs (lyrics focus on work, chores and other daily routines), epic ballads that include heroes and folktales, and folk music that celebrates the changing of the seasons. Two main castes of musicians are evident today - the Langas, or those who adhere to mainly Muslim styles and audiences, and the Manganiars, who deliver a more liberal lineup of musical types.


Though most music aficionados think of the American South, particularly the Delta region, when discussing blues music, there is a documented link between this area and the tone of African blues. Over the past few decades, African artists have taken the bluesy tones inherent to American Blues musicians and put their own unique spin on the sound. American artists have participated in the same type of musical interchange, taking African blues sounds and creating even more haunting versions of their songs.


Playing a concert against a sunset in Brazil

Yes, the Samba and Bossa Nova are more commonly associated with Brazil, but the massive nation of nearly 208 million individuals offers something for everyone - and one genre that has stood out over the past twenty to thirty years is Tropicalia - Brazil's politically-charged rock music that actually forced many of its performers into exile…the music was that aggressive. Today, Brazilians and lucky visitors have access to post-punk bands that are flourishing in today's more liberal music scene.

Foreign destinations like the five listed above will satisfy the cultural and musical cravings of even the most experienced traveler/music aficionado. The culture and history of the world's great travel destinations are often interwoven against a soundtrack that is as diverse as the inhabitants of our world. From punk bands in Rio to blues artists in the Serengeti, there is no shortage of music to experience, and no limit to the creativity of humankind.


Explore the globe with music lovers like yourself, and discover different styles in each music city that range from classic to obscure, hard-edge and aggressive to spiritual, and more. Cox & Kings can help create an itinerary around your musical tastes and interests. For more information, contact one of our Destination Experts at