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Some of the Greatest Spots Worldwide to Bird Watch

Posted June 2, 2015

There are more than 10,000 species of birds in the world, and devoted “Twitchers” -- committed birdwatchers who will travel to any location just to catch a glimpse of some of the more exotic varieties -- will go great lengths to add to their list of birds, also known as a “lifelist”. If you are among these elite shooters who gear up with binoculars and camera to spot favorite feathered friends, then you’ll love these incredible birdwatching destinations:


The Pantanal, Brazil

This birdwatching treasure trove’s claim to fame is its massive bird population. More species of birds reside in Pantanal than in the entire continent of North America. From hummingbirds to the flightless rhea (the largest Brazilian bird), you won’t be disappointed.


This mostly isolated archipelago is relatively untouched, leaving the natural habitat of some of the region’s most exotic and breathtaking species of birds intact. Catch a glimpse of the incredible birds of paradise or the unique Cassowary. This is definitely a birdwatching site to add to your bucket list.


The South of Spain

Some of Europe’s rarest bird species are found in Southern Spain’s Coto Doñana National Park. A short jaunt to Extremadura or Andalucía will provide you with fabulous views of species native to the region, as well as migrating storks. Plus, the landscape is simple phenomenal.


Otago, New Zealand

The only mainland breeding ground in the world for the royal albatross is found at Taiaroa Head. While that in itself offers a spectacular view and is a birdwatcher’s dream, it isn’t the only offering of the region. Stewart Island also features several unique birdwatching opportunities – you can even view the yellow-eyed penguin, an endangered species and one of the rarest penguins in the world. You may also catch a glimpse of the kiwi, the nation’s extremely shy icon.

You can bird watch in your own backyard, but these destinations offer something a little different - a little unusual. They will take you on an adventure that will open you to new sights and experiences, while enjoying the magnificent natural beauty that is our world.