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Sports History and Travel: How to Blend a Love of Both

Posted February 2, 2017

Some of us like sports. Some love the game. Still others are true fanatics - devoted to a particular team or club, and fascinated by the history, lore, and action of a particular sport. If you are a sports-obsessed individual and you simply can't get enough of live game action, you may want to feed the obsession and look for opportunities to travel to destinations that support your sport of choice! Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Here's the thing, baseball has always been considered America's pastime, but did you know that its origins are likely tied to a British game called rounders? Early sports and pastimes in Britain combined elements of cricket and modern day baseball. To gain an appreciation for the history of baseball, why not visit England and learn about all the games that were played? Some of them dating as far back as the 14th century.


View from the 18th hole at the magnificent Old Course at St Andrew's in Scotland

Whether you're a golf fanatic or someone you frequently travel with is, you can trace golf's history back to its roots when it was first played by the Romans. If you visit Scotland, you can visit the world's oldest official golf course - St Andrews, as it was first used in an official capacity during the 1500s. What better place to learn about the origins and history of golf than the green hills of Scotland? St. Andrews is still in use today - so visit now and add your golf game to more than 600 years of competitive play.

Think there's a reason why the Olympic games always includes gymnastics? It's because this popular sport originated in Greece and continues to be a world-renowned competitive sport that attracts athletes of all ages and ethnicities. If you're interested in learning more about the history of gymnastics, and the Olympics, too, consider visiting Greece. This country is incredibly beautiful and diverse - offering the opportunity to visit wineries, seaside villages, mountaintop vistas, and even bustling big cities, all within driving distance of one another.


Hockey played wherever there's smooth ice

Most everyone would think that the moment you mention hockey you must be thinking at least a little about Canada - and they'd be right. Though ice hockey derives from the British sport of field hockey blended with some characteristics of Native American lacrosse, it was early 1800s residents of Nova Scotia who brought the sport to life. A visit to this area of Canada can help you learn about ice hockey from those with a passion for the game. While you're there, travel the area and see more of what makes Canada such a beautiful country.

This game of skill and a little luck is a wildly popular game internationally that is enjoyed by those of all ages and from all walks of life. But did you know chess originated in India nearly 1600 years ago? The game has remained nearly identical to the original version, with one major exception - the Queen was later transformed into the most powerful piece on the board, supplanting the King. To learn more about the origin and background of chess and the history of one of the most intriguing places on Earth, consider planning a visit to India - a country that will leave you forever changed.

Sports enthusiasts from around the world have many exciting destinations to choose from when creating a sports-themed itinerary. Learn more about exciting travel destinations that cater to both sports enthusiasts and the rest of the world. You might be surprised how easily the two link up.