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The 3 Best Destinations with Year-Round Summer Weather

- by Cox & Kings, The Americas

Posted September 12, 2014

Are you craving summer break and everything that comes with it? Plan your next vacation at one of these paradisiacal destinations with summers that last all year long, where the sun’s always shining, the sand is always toasty, and the warm waters always calling your name:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand: With an average temperature of 84 degrees, Bangkok is considered the warmest big city on the planet. The ‘cold’ month is December, where the average high is 87 degrees and the low is a whopping 70 – no need for that winter coat, or anything other than a swimsuit and sarong. Bangkok’s close proximity to the Equator creates summer weather all year long, April and May being the hottest months with an average high of 102. No matter when you choose to visit Bangkok, you’ll slip right into that carefree, summer-lovin’ mode you’re craving. If warm weather is your primary concern, this is the perfect destination for you.

  2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Technically Rio’s summer runs from December to March, however, with moderate temperatures (think constantly in the 80’s) all year long, you can’t really go wrong when planning your trip here. Every day is a beach day in Rio, even on those ‘cold’ 75 degree winter days. The combination of its perfect climate, beautiful beaches, and ceaseless party scene make Rio de Janeiro a great choice for a vacation where you can celebrate summer anytime and any day of the year.

  3. Hawaii: With only two seasons, summer and winter, and the average temperatures being 85 degrees and 78 degrees respectively, it’s safe to say that Hawaii is permanently on summer break. Despite the rain, which usually passes through fairly quickly, Hawaii’s sunny skies and warm weather all year long make it an ideal beach bummin’ vacation. Hawaii’s dry season begins in April and ends in October, while the ‘wet’ season lasts from November to March. But fear not and don’t let this stop you from visiting during these months, as the rain never lasts more than a few days and thus, has little affect on your precious vacation time. You’ll snap right into island mode the moment you step foot onto Hawaii, so get ready for lots of beach frolicking, sun bathing, gorgeous sunsets and scenery, and the ultimate summer vacation.

Pack your bags to experience an off-the-beaten path “endless summer break” vacation!