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Top Destinations & Tours for Wine Lovers

Posted February 22, 2016

For the wine lover, few things in life are better than taking a vacation centered around wine. Every bottle of wine develops a distinct flavor profile and personality based on the region where it originated.

Luxury wine travel provides the opportunity to learn more about what makes varieties from a particular region different than others. This, coupled with the beauty of sun-soaked countrysides, sprawling vineyards and the chance to try finely crafted wine makes for an ideal vacation. Here are five amazing travel destinations for lovers of the vine.


The fertile soil of Chile, aided by a dry climate, is a recipe for some of the world's most incredible Syrahs and Chardonnays. You'll find wineries up and down the Pacific Coast, as well as in the famous Maipo Valley, nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Chilean Coast Range.

For an unforgettable journey through this famous wine making country, consider a Chilean Wine & Cuisine Tour. You will have the opportunity to travel through Santiago to the Maipo Valley, one of Chile's premier wine making regions. You will also go as far south as Colchagua, home of the famous Casa Silva Hotel and Winery, all while enjoying the beautiful juxtaposition of majestic mountains and serene beaches.


The diversity of offerings in the Italian wine scene is staggering. Each of the country's 20 wine regions boasts its own unique grapes, vines, vineyards, and beautiful landscapes. Italy is not only a cornerstone of fine wine production, but it is also one of the most wondrously scenic destinations in the world.

No matter where you decide to travel in Italy, you are sure to find some of the best and most unique wines in the world. Luxury travel to Italy is a great way to experience famous wine regions such as Tuscany and Florence on an unforgettable trip.


No country on earth is more quintessentially synonymous with great wine than France. This is a country of iconic wine destinations, including Burgundy and Bordeaux, with entire economies and ways of life built around the production and consumption of incredible wine.

France is the country responsible for some of the most acclaimed wines ever known. Among them: Petrus, Lafleur, Chave, Huet, Trimbach, Guigal, and Raveneau, just to name a few. For the utmost in French wine tourism, consider booking the Breathtaking Bordeaux getaway, as well as the Burgundy, Lyon and Southern France tour.


Argentina is perhaps the most dramatic wine destination in existence. Beginning with Mendoza, "the birthplace of Argentinian wine," to Argentinian Patagonia, the southernmost wine-making territories worldwide, to Salta, home of the highest vineyards in the world at 3,000 meters. The extreme differences in climate across the vast country allow Argentina to produce a wide variety of excellent wines.

For an unforgettable journey of Argentina's wine regions, consider booking A Portrait of Argentina. This tour gives travelers the opportunity to experience some of the most prestigious wineries in the entire region. Sip on a nice glass of Malbec while enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscapes for wine travel you won't soon forget.


South Africa boasts hundreds of vineyards that are open for tastings, some of which even double as five-star hotels. This country is no stranger to luxury when it comes to wine. Napoleon Bonaparte himself was an avid patron of the South African wine industry. The country even has its own signature champagne, "Cap Classiques."

To experience the best South Africa has to offer in the way of fine regional wines, consider booking the Quintessential South Africa tour. This luxurious getaway offers you the opportunity to visit the famous Cape Winelands for tastings of their most popular wines.

If you are looking to learn more about the origins of your favorite wine, or simply want to taste some of the best wines available in the world, luxury wine and cuisine travel is the best way to experience the abundant wine regions of the world. Whether you are a sommelier in training or an amateur wine lover, you are sure to love these wine tours.