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Top Travel Trends for the Best Family Vacations

Posted July 19, 2017

Traveling with family is quickly becoming a popular way to explore the world and reconnect with the important people in your life. Whether you're considering gathering the family to celebrate an anniversary or important life milestone, or simply just to reunite everyone, multigenerational family travel is one of the best ways to bond.

By opting for a custom itinerary tailored to the size and interests of your family, you can eliminate a major point of stress when planning for a large group of people. Here are the main considerations when creating an itinerary for the best family vacations, along with some of the best destinations for a family or large group:


A father and son enjoying the waterside view of Valetta in Malta

For any trip with multiple people, consider the range of your audience. You'll most likely need to tailor the trip to meet the desires and needs of family members that range in age from toddlers to grandparents. Get a head count of who will be attending and ask them to submit a list of their must-haves, would-be-nice items, and flexible preferences. This will start the planning process of creating a trip that will be worthwhile for everyone.


This is the least fun part of the travel conversation, but it is an important one. Also, decide who is responsible for securing reservations or deposits for the group. Will one person buy the travel packages to be reimbursed later or is each family responsible for their own costs and bookings? Create an open and honest dialogue to help minimize the chance of miscommunication and potential frustrations down the road.


Family enjoying a beautiful view while cycling on a scenic trail in the idyllic alpine mountain scenery of Switzerland

To ensure you and your travel companions have the best possible experience when you travel the world, work with a travel group or accredited travel advisor that will help you seek unique cultural and natural experiences fit for all age groups. Experience from those in the travel industry, who have been to destinations that may be more foreign to you is invaluable. It'll not only help you plan logistics, but also how to make the most of your trip with a focused itinerary.


Any place that lets travelers explore and learn at their own preferred pace will be conducive to creating wonderful memories, but some destinations are inherently better for multi-generational travel due to a few key attributes.

First, destinations that offer plenty of natural wonders can help keep kids entertained and adults engaged at the same time. A trip to Peru and the Galapagos, for instance, offers strolls through ancient ruins and mystical historical sites that will enthrall those of all ages. Additionally, the contemporary cities of Lima and Cusco will satisfy the urban wanderlust of the more city-focused travelers in your group.

Mother and kids looking at endemic marine iguana on the Galapagos Islands

Or a trip to Kenya & Zanzibar to discover the wondrous wildlife and the incredible vistas across the Masai Mara National Reserve. Those with an eye towards photography will love this itinerary, while beach goers will marvel at the crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches of Zanzibar. There is something for everyone, nature lovers, history buffs, and beach worshippers, when an African expedition is on the itinerary.

If you have a more seasoned group of travelers in your family (ages 12 and up), a European destination can be a lesson in history and cultural immersion. Consider visiting the storybook cities of Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. Charming is an understatement when describing the historical sites in these cities, and the younger members of the group will grow an appreciation for important cultural experiences that they may have learned about in history classes.

Traveling with your family is one way to reconnect with those most important to you, as well as discovering the sights and sounds of the world at large. Schedule a planning session with a Cox & Kings Destination Specialist to see how easy it is to create an unforgettable journey for your entire group.