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Traveling Solo: How to Do It and Why

Posted November 17, 2016

If you're like most travelers, your travel entourage likely ranges from a spouse or partner to a full brood of kids. Many of us intentionally plan family or couple's trips to enjoy a new destination with a group of people. But when was the last time you took some time for yourself and booked a solo vacation? Even if you're in a relationship or have kids, you may want to consider the following benefits of traveling without your usual group and exploring the world by traveling alone. Read more before booking your next exciting solo travel excursion.


Leaving others behind simplifies matters greatly. You'll spend less time trying to find a place to eat that appeals to all parties, you won't debate over desired excursions or schedules, and you will have time to connect with yourself in the meantime. Only what you want matters when traveling solo - and you deserve to experience a vacation in this manner at least once in a lifetime.

You might also make new friends when traveling alone, so step outside your comfort zone and build a real social network by interacting with the locals and uncovering the hot spots in each city. You might even find some ex-pats to mingle with. Spend some time recharging your batteries by sleeping in, eating meals slowly, focusing on profound thoughts and experiences, and savoring every moment of your solo travel experience.

Travel solo to the Ecuadorian Amazon, and discover an incredibly diverse landscape that ranges from massive river ways to the Galapagos Islands. This trip is ideally suited for traveling by yourself, because it allows one to immerse fully in the unique natural surroundings without having to worry about the needs of others.

Squirrel monkeys in the Amazon Rainforest In Ecuador

Another exciting destination for traveling alone is a Deccan Odyssey train journey through the Indian countryside. Countless opportunities for exotic adventures abound when traveling by train, as the lavishly-equipped cabins, incredible meals, and vibrant off-board entertainment opportunities combine to create an unforgettable solo journey.

If getting off the beaten path and escaping to nature sounds like your idea of a relaxing and rejuvenating solo vacation, consider Inle Lake in Myanmar. From an elegant eco-lodge, you'll take in a series of incredible sights - including ancient temples, remote villages, and the stunning waters of Inle Lake. The serenity and spirituality of this area is ideally suited to a solo traveler who wants to connect with oneself.

View of a Buddhist temple in Inle lake, Myanmar

Another terrific option if you're planning to travel solo is booking a European River Cruise. From the comfort of your stateroom or the breezy deck of the ship, you'll comfortably and luxuriously work your way down one or more of Europe's legendary rivers to uncover unparalleled views of the European countryside or city skylines. A slower pace is the idea here, pairing wonderfully with a relaxing solo journey.

Traveling with friends and family is great, but traveling alone is unlike any other experience. Make sure you plan at least one solo vacation during your lifetime -- it will be truly meaningful, and you will discover the world in a whole, new light.