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Un-Belize-Able Belize Travel Destinations

Posted July 13, 2017

Visitors that plan trips to Belize have access to a diverse array of things to see and experiences to enjoy. Part of the charm of Belize is the independent spirit of its people, and the untouched natural beauty of the area. Dive into adventures unlikely to be experienced anywhere else. Here are some of the best Belize-based travel destinations to consider as you plan your next excursion.


Mayan ruins of Xunantunic in San Ignacio, Belize

Mayan culture permeates almost every facet of life in Belize. The descendants of the original Mayans still closely associate with the ethnic ideals and practices of their ancient forefathers. There are several Mayan sites you can visit in Belize, with Ketchi, Xol, and Tikal being the most popular. From elaborate temples to intriguing underground passageways, the Mayan historical sites scattered across Belize simply must be experienced in person.


Belize travel never seems crowded, especially when you head off the beaten path. The population density in Belize, as a whole, is just one person per every 36 square miles. This means that riding a mountain bike or taking a stroll through the lush green rainforest is a relaxing and calming activity. Planners in Belize wisely created a well-marked and easy-to-navigate series of trails that can take you past several unique points of interest, complete with signs that mark certain trees, their scientific names, and even their uses in local culture or medicine.


Landscape around Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Jaguar Preserve at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is the world's first. Nearly 130,000 acres of verdant jungle have been set aside to create a wildlife sanctuary that is home to the largest cat in Belize - the jaguar. You can hike, camp, and tour the preserve for a few hours - or up to several days for the more adventurous types, and animals are frequently seen during outings within the preserve. Getting there is quite an easy process. A bus can take you most of the way, dropping you off at the Maya Center. Then, take a seven-mile cab ride (or walk it, if you're feeling up to it) to the entrance of the preserve. Upon a trip to the Belize Zoo, you can also actively participate in a jaguar rehabilitation project.


Belize offers tremendous underwater views for snorkelers and scuba divers alike

A trip to Belize is not complete without a day at the beach. With 175 miles of coastline and more than 200 islands (called Cayes, but pronounced "Keys") to explore, Belize has you covered if you're a beach lover. Turneffe Flats offers a diverse array of fish and marine life that creates a true snorkeler's paradise. You'll also have the opportunity to look for dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine wildlife. Part exploration, part relaxation - Turneffe Flats offers the best of both worlds.


Belize is a destination for anyone interested in a natural experience that is quite simply unparalleled in the region, offering unforgettable experiences for eco-conscious travelers who are looking for something a little different, a little better, and a whole lot more authentic. For more information on travel to Belize, contact Ignacio, our Destination Manager for Latin America.