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What Is Travel Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Posted September 19, 2016

You've made the decision to plan a memorable vacation to an exciting destination. Bags are packed, tickets and travel documents are organized, and all the last-minute details are complete. Three days to go until departure time… then it happens. You get a call from your boss and you're forced to attend a mandatory meeting that just happens to fall on the same week as your trip. Or, you get sick right before your exciting trip and traveling abroad is simply not possible. In most cases, you'd be out thousands of dollars - unless of course, you purchased travel insurance to protect your vacation.


Travel protection insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy that can prevent undue expenses for travel-related issues that are out of your control. Trip insurance coverage can reimburse for lost luggage, trip delays or interruptions, and even emergency medical care. All these expenses are costly and inconvenient concerns that can be mitigated with a quality travel insurance policy.


Your travel company can fill you in on the details of their offered policy, but a trip protection insurance policy should cover the following (at minimum):

  1. Trip cancellation or interruption: Your policy should include benefits for existing medical conditions for travelers or immediate family members. It should also provide protections against any work-related intrusions into the vacation plan, along with natural disasters at home or in the host country that may make travel impossible.

  2. Emergency or hospitalization services: If you are forced to seek medical care overseas, be prepared to receive a sizeable bill when you return home if you aren't covered by a trip protection plan. And, if evacuation services are needed, a good travel insurance plan should cover the bulk of the expense.

  3. Baggage concerns: Lost or delayed bags can wreak havoc on your vacation plans, and millions of baggage reports are filed each year. Bag damage can also result in missing or torn clothing and the potential for stolen items. Luckily, travel insurance can help cover the costs if you need to look for some new clothing options.

  4. "Other" assistance benefits: A good quality travel insurance policy will also provide some peripheral benefits like emergency medication delivery and other concierge-type services. While it might not seem like a big deal that you left your bottle of prescription medicine on the table at home, obtaining a replacement while in a foreign country can be challenging.


You'll want to work with your chosen travel operator to uncover their specific policies around trip cancellations and general refunds. Once you have a good understanding of the trip protection policies involved, plan to purchase a policy as soon as you can. Cover yourself early on in the process versus purchasing a policy too near your trip. By doing so, you can eliminate any worries about last minute trip delays due to illness, work issues, weather concerns, and more.

When traveling with Cox & Kings, you'll have access to a premier travel insurance policy provided by Allianz Global Assistance. This plan provides comprehensive coverage that includes trip cancellation and interruption protection, emergency medical and evacuation services, baggage loss and delay coverage, general assistance benefits, and more. All these offerings are at a competitive price that virtually eliminates any trip-related worries.