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What to Pack For an African Safari Trip

Posted August 28, 2015

Going on a trip to the African safari is something many people would consider to be the ultimate adventure vacation. On safari, you will get the opportunity to view rare and beautiful landscapes and wildlife, enjoy vastly different terrains and interact with locals. Taking a once in a lifetime trip on an African safari is sure to provide you with some of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. In order to fully enjoy your trip to the bush, however, it is essential to pack for the journey. Although many of the things you will pack may be similar to what you may pack for an expedition elsewhere, there are also a number of other important packing considerations to make for African safari tours. Here are some of the most important things to pack for your African safari expedition.



The kind of shoes you will need will depend largely on what kind of activities you plan on doing while you are there. Regardless, you will need a sturdy pair of hard rubber soled boots that are completely broken in prior to your trip. This will ensure you not only have ample foot and ankle support, but will also provide protection from the elements as well. Consider also taking a pair of flip flops for walking around between tents during the evening hours.



It is important to remember that you may experience even stricter baggage weight limitations if you planning on taking a flying safari tour via small aircraft. For this reason, it is important to be thoughtful when packing clothing. You should take a mixture of both long and short sleeve shirts as well as both shorts and pants to accommodate for any temperature changes throughout the day. A good option to save space are pants that can be unzipped at the knees to be easily converted into shorts. Be sure to take a few extra pairs of thick socks and underpants along with a sweater or fleece for the colder mornings.

A must for your trip to the bush is a crushable safari hat with a cord to make sure it stays on during high winds or high speeds. It is also important to remember that white and colored clothing will distract many of the native animals and black and dark blue clothing will attract insects. This is why you should stick to earth tone clothing, such as olive or khaki.


The African sun is harsh no matter what time of the year you are planning to visit, therefore, a high-quality sunscreen is essential. You may even want to consider a sunscreen with insect repellent already in it. To accommodate for the dry, windy weather in much of Africa make sure to take both skin moisturizer and eye drops. You may also want to take some medicine, such as antihistamines, Imodium, and malarial prophylactics as you likely will not have access to much of this while in the bush.



You may want to take an iPad or tablet for easy access to wildlife and terrain guides, as well as storing animal noises. A pair of small yet reliable binoculars is a must for all African safari tours. You will also want to bring a flashlight, waterproof bag, extra camera batteries, extra memory cards for your camera, sunglasses and wet wipes.

These are only a few things to consider when packing for your safari trip. Make sure to always check the weather and additional information about the specific area you will be in for extra tips and ideas on what to take with you.