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  • Why Cox & Kings?

    With the accumulated wisdom of more than a quarter millennium of service, we've been around the world a few times … and we're committed to delivering those unforgettable moments you'll be talking about for years.

    But what else makes our programs so remarkable?

    They're experiential.
    It's the difference between "seeing" and "doing." We deliver hands-on travel experiences that will deepen your understanding of what you see and where you are. When you travel with Cox & Kings, you won't just see elephants - you'll ride them, feed them and play with them.

    They're innovative.
    The well-trod path is not on our map. When others go west, we head east. We have our ear to the ground all over the world, and we constantly discover new and unique experiences - so that you have a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable trip.

    They're inspired.
    A well-designed journey should send your heart soaring, surprise you and stimulate your sense of wonder. Just as an expert sommelier pairs the perfect red with that dry-aged filet, our experienced Product Managers combine the elements of travel into a sumptuous travel experience.

    They're personal.
    Everyone is different, with different dreams, different interests, different pace and different aspirations. We begin by listening to what you want - and then work to create the journey that's perfect for you.

    They're secure.
    Don't worry - we'll sweat the details, pay constant attention to world events, stay in close contact with our people on the ground. And we offer some of the best travel insurance coverage in the industry - even for pre-existing conditions - to protect your travel investment.

    They're a great value.
    As a well-respected global company, Cox & Kings has tremendous buying power. So whether you're on an adventurous, four-star excursion or an over-the-top, beyond-all-dreams luxury venture, we deliver trusted services and great value.

    We invite you to join us on some of the world's finest travel adventures.