Designed by Experts

All of our Luxury Small Group Journeys start with careful curation of local experiences by our in-house team of Destination Specialists. These local experts have deep destination knowledge; all have spent extensive time in their respective regions, with many calling their destination ‘home’ at some point in their lives. Cox & Kings is widely known, and quite proud of, this in-depth knowledge. We think you’ll agree that this expertise shines through in the design of each and every Luxury Small Group Journey.

Meet the Experts at Cox & Kings

  • Ignacio Vallin

    Ignacio Vallin - Director, Latin America, Antarctica and Europe, Latin America & Antarctica

    A true adventurer and an expert in luxury and exotic travel in Latin America, Ignacio has decades of experience developing world-class travel programs. He specializes in digging deep to find authentic experiences that can inspire and amaze even the most veteran travelers. Fluent in Spanish, Ignacio has traveled through Latin America to countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama finding the best properties and unforgettable experiences along the way. Email:

    "Personally, I want to commend you on your excellent customer services, attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile. I was most impressed with your knowledge, patience and professionalism." - Sonia Walton, Vacations By Sonia

  • Seema Prakash

    Seema Prakash - Director, India, Asia & Africa, India & The Subcontinent

    A native of India, Seema began her travel career with Singapore Airlines before spending more than a decade designing exciting travel experiences in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka for an Indian tour operator. After moving to the United States, she joined Cox & Kings in 2008 and has been crafting and managing innovative itineraries to India and the subcontinent ever since. Her knowledge and understanding of India allows Seema to provide a distinctive perspective on the countrys many diverse regions, as well as design exclusive and unique experiences for Cox & Kings travelers. Email:

    "I LOVE Seema!!! She is amazing!! REALLY!! I wish we could clone her!! Her customer service level is way beyond anything I have ever experienced!!!"

  • Danalee May

    Danalee May - Senior Destination Specialist, Africa & Middle East

    As a native South African, Danalee May has a natural passion for Africa, her people, the culture and the incredible wildlife. She has traveled extensively, even beyond Africa. She loves to custom design trips that make her clients feel like they belong -- not as outsiders looking in. She will often ask her clients to promise to put down their cameras and not stare at the destination through the lens of a camera. She will urge guests to "Eat the food, drink the wine, bang the drum and revel in all!" With 18+ years' experience she prides herself on creating smooth flowing, well-paced carefully crafted journeys. Danalee loves to travel and she returns to Africa frequently. Email:

  • Vinni Bernal

    Vinni Bernal - Destination Specialist, Asia & The Pacific

    With more than 20 years experience in the travel industry, Vinni joined Cox & Kings to focus on providing truly personalized service for our discerning clients. Her passion for travel arises not just from visiting new destinations, but also from meeting fascinating people along the way who help broaden her horizons and offer different perspectives on the world. She has traveled to Asia, the South Pacific, Europe and South America - and she plans to visit Africa and the Middle East soon! Email:

    "I truly appreciate you helping me with this VIP client. You are so good at what you do and your expertise has made everything so easy for me. This couple travels all the time and they are very attentive to details so I am confident that your company will meet their needs so we can continue growing our business. I look forward to work with you in the future and I thank you for your assistance." - Yojany Mathis, Travel Consultant/Rennert Travel

  • Ana Teracine

    Ana Teracine - Destination Specialist, Europe

    Ana's 25 years in the travel industry has enlightened her greatest passion, traveling and sharing her experiences with others. Originally from Brazil, her career began when friends requested her assistance in planning their trip to Brazil. Realizing that exploring new destinations and cultures could enrich the lives of others in travel, she enjoyed enhancing her expertise during a decade with American Express and then on to other major companies. In her wanderlust she fell in love many places such as Tahiti, Ireland, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Greece, Eastern Europe, South America, Thailand and the Caribbean. With her travel experience, attention to detail and extensive network access in luxury travel she can exercise her passion to create life enhancing experiences for others. Her favorite pastime is thinking of where to go next. Email:

  • Dania Weinstein

    Dania Weinstein - Destination Specialist, Africa & Middle East

    Dania was bit by the travel bug from a very young age, as she was lucky enough to tag along on her fathers' documentary film shoots around the globe. In 2010, she embarked to a new and unfamiliar part of the world, east Africa, and it changed her life more than she ever expected. After spending two months volunteering in Tanzania, the experience led to a sincere passion for African culture & exploration. She has since been in the travel industry, continuing to fuel her Africa obsession with every trip she embarks upon. In recent years, she has traveled through the continent and experienced some of its most thrilling activities, including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, tracking rhino on foot in Namibia, and getting up close and personal with elephants in Botswana. Most of all, Dania is excited to craft fun and authentic custom journeys that will blow her clients away. Email:

  • Michele Otters

    Michele Otters - Destination Specialist, Europe

    Michele has a love and passion for travel which comes through with every journey she designs. With travels to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and the United Kingdom, she has acquired a vast knowledge of each, with Scotland being one of her favorite destinations. Her fondness for the country came when she took her first trip there and fell in love with its history, people and scenery. Michele genuinely enjoys crafting customized journeys for prospective travelers to Europe as if it were her own trip. Creating lifelong enjoyable memories is her goal for every client. Email:

  • Derek K. Ong

    Derek K. Ong - Senior Destination Specialist, Asia & The Pacific

    Derek's passion for Asia started in college, where he studied Asian International Relations. He first traveled to Asia to attend a friend's wedding in Indonesia. He was immediately hooked. Since then, has lived in Bangkok plus, traveled extensively across the continent, strengthening his personal understanding of the different countries and cultures to share with travelers worldwide. Derek brings years of customer service and sales expertise to Cox & Kings from his career spent working with industry leading luxury travel companies in the US and Asia. Email:

  • Cheri Burns

    Cheri Burns - Destination Specialist, Europe

    Cheri has deep roots in Europe, having explored Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and France - her favorite destination! Along with her first-hand perspective, Cheri brings over a decade of experience in the travel industry, including 10 years as a luxury travel agent. She also specializes in river cruising all over the European continent and loves to open her clients' eyes to this ever popular way of touring Europe's great cities. Email: