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A Silken World of Wonders

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open". - Jawarharlal Nehru

India is a land of mystery, enchantment and beauty. A country where a thousand lifestyles breathe as one nation. An idea founded upon a fascinating matrix of languages, customs and beliefs so varied that it may take a lifetime to imbibe its true essence.

For many, the great allure of India lies in the royal history and vibrant present of Rajasthan, home to princes and castles, deserts and fortresses, lumbering camels and graceful dancers in bright saris. From the Pink City of Jaipur to the Blue City of Jodhpur on the edge of the Great Thar Desert, Rajasthan enchants with its richly colored tapestry of chivalry, romance and mystery.

If you're more bewitched by swaying palm trees than swordplay, head to sultry Southern India, a blissful collection of placid backwaters, bustling metropolises, great temple complexes and blissful beaches kissed by the warm tropical seas.

Spiritual pilgrims have come to India for centuries seeking enlightenment and inner peace. Reconnect with the present moment by indulging in spiritual India during a yoga retreat in the foothills of the Himalaya, a stroll around the verdant park where Buddha delivered his first sermon or a dawn cruise upon the sacred waters of the Ganges.

Blessed with gorgeous landscapes, awe-inspiring ruined cities and a welcoming culture like no other, the ancient land of Sri Lanka dangles like a beautiful teardrop diamond from the subcontinent. As you travel through this enticing land, discover renowned tea plantations, make a pilgrimage to the rock citadel of Sigiriya and unwind on white-sand beaches on the Indian Ocean.

From the tropical forests of the south and the gorgeous, verdant valleys of the center to the spectacular Himalayas, the majesty of Nepal enthralls every time. Soar alongside some of the world's tallest mountains on a spectacular helicopter excursion, search for tigers on an elephant-back safari and visit remote villages in search of the fabled Shangri-La.

Discover the magic of the hidden Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan, an untouched, rugged gem in the crown of the Himalaya. Explore remote river valleys, shop for treasures in local markets and expect surprises at every turn.

Throughout your travels, keep your eyes open for the beauty, charm and adventure of India and the subcontinent. Whether it's the shy smile from a boy on a passing train, the breathtaking sweep of the Taj Mahal or the evocative sight of a camel caravan heading off across the dunes, India is certain to cast its spell over you. Travel here - and you will never be the same.


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