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Latin America Luxury Tours & Local Travel with Cox & Kings

Travel Latin America Like A Local With Cox & Kings Luxury Tours

Where can a traveler embark on a journey to witness all the natural splendors of the Earth? From its rumbling volcanoes, arid deserts, calming beaches, and high mountain air, to its living rainforests and powerfully flowing waterfalls? The answer is unequivocally Latin America. This region offers so much for travelers to experience. It is a region with rich histories and vibrant local cultures. It has bustling cities filled with wonderful art, food, architecture, and life. While still boasting breathtaking scenic landscapes of all shapes and kinds. There is truly something for everyone. Come experience all that Latin America has to offer as you travel like a local with Cox and Kings Luxury Tours.

South America:

South America is pulsing with an energetic and confident fusion of traditional and contemporary culture. This is the year to venture south of the border to discover the wonders of our southern neighbors with Cox & Kings luxury tours. Visit any of these three major regions in South America to experience its unparalleled splendor, and we'll set you up to travel like a local while you're there!

The Andean States:

Colombia is the continent's new hot spot with luxuriant coffee plantations, lost cities, spectacular religious festivals and one of the largest Carnaval celebrations on the continent. And the fortress city of Cartagena is a marvel by the sea. Embark on a Journey through Colombia's Mystery, History & Adventure.

Discover the world-class sights of high-altitude Bolivia. From the capital of La Paz and the shores of great Lake Titicaca, to tropical Santa Cruz and the heights of Potosi, encounter a breathtaking variety of landscapes, cultures, and experiences. Explore Bolivia with a journey into the Mysteries of Culture & Landscapes.

Many travel to Peru for the unsurpassed splendor of Machu Picchu's Mystic Empire and the enigma of the Nazca Lines. But the country boasts so much more - the local culinary scene of Lima; the mighty Amazon; the stunning mountain of Huaraz; the floating islands of Lake Titicaca; and the archaeological finds of Chiclayo.

Just to the north, Ecuador offers colonial cities, Amazonian villages and the Avenue of the Volcanoes. In the living laboratory of the Galapagos Islands, get up close and personal with gorgeous bird life, marine iguanas, giant tortoises and playful sea lions.

Eastern South America:

Now is the time to visit Brazil. From New York's sister city, Sao Paulo to effervescent Rio, Brazil undulates with excitement. The largest country in South America offers so many vastly different experiences, with colonial gems, Wildlife Safaris, incredible beaches and natural wonders like Iguassu Falls, the Amazon and the Pantanal, Brazil has something for everyone.

The Southern Cone:

Beautiful Chile offers variety beyond belief. Visit the world's driest desert in the Atacama, the spectacular scenery of Torres del Paine, and remote Easter Island with its mysterious moai, large carved statues that generate a thousand theories of their origins. Experience the Splendors of Chile through just about every possible landscape imaginable.

Chic yet rugged, classic and contemporary, Argentina never disappoints. The country combines the glacier-clad splendor of El Calafate and Patagonia, the serene beauty of the Lake District and the austere desert of colonial Salta with the wine country near Mendoza and vibrant Buenos Aires. Take a unique journey and discover the Portrait of Argentina.

Visit the often-overlooked beautiful and scenic country of Uruguay. Boasting majestic beaches of Punta del Este, pristine river landscapes, a thriving capital city of Montevideo or travel back in time to Colonia del Sacramento and see its incredible colonial architecture. Experience what is often considered one of the prettiest countries in South America with Uruguay's Culture & Traditions Journey.

Or venture far off the beaten path as you discover the remote, landlocked country of Paraguay. Explore the capital of Asuncion, the sprawling ranches of the interior and the charming city of Encarnacion, which is home to some of the continent's best-preserved Jesuit missions. Paraguay's Music & Culture Journey offers much for travelers to experience and learn about this wonderful country.

Central America:

Closer to home, explore the wonders of Central America! From ancient Mayan ruins hidden throughout the region's rainforest, to surfing and diving expeditions on the coasts. Central America is full of amazing and unique journeys for travelers of all kinds. Come tour this region with us!

Mexico, Belize & Guatemala::

Travel to antarctica//mexico/">Mexico to experience the natural grandeur of the Copper Canyon, the coastal sunshine of Baja, the splendor and art of Mexico City with its Aztec and Spanish heritage, or trace the course of the Mayan civilization through history. With so much at your fingertips, our Highlights of Mexico Luxury Journey is the perfect way to take in much of what Mexico has to offer!

Enjoy the rich cultural legacy of the lost Mayan civilization while in Belize. With lush tropical rainforests, blissful beaches, and warm Caribbean waters, there is much to see and do in Belize. Immerse yourself in a Journey through the Heartland of Culture, Wildlife and Adventure, while visiting Belize.

Continue through the central areas of the lost Mayan Empire as you travel to Guatemala. Reaching the Ruins of Tikal, sends you on a journey through The Footsteps of the Mayans. Adventure through the jungle to five monolithic temples with moss-covered steps, ancient plazas and ball courts.

El Salvador & Honduras::

Tour El Salvador and enjoy the powerful volcanoes, ancient Mayan sites, and colonial villages. Find out more about the country's rich coffee industry in the beautiful mountain town of Nahuizalco, or discover the cloud forest around Cerro Verde and the famous "Emerald of America" lagoon next to Tecapa volcano. Continue onwards to Honduras where you can learn about the traditional dance called "Punta", visit the Copan ruins, or travel to the exotic Cusuco National Park.

Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama::

Explore Nicaragua and its many unique areas. Home to the largest Cathedral in Central America, as well as many other colonial churches, not to mention Granada which is the third oldest city in the Western Hemisphere. Visit the ruins of Leon Viejo where you can admire the Momotombo volcano. Take in a remarkable Journey with the Unspoiled Nature & Cultural Adventure.

Travel to Costa Rica and discover the rich rainforest of Veragua, the rumbling Arenal volcano, and experience the acute differences between the golden beaches on the shores of the Pacific featuring world renowned surfing, or the exotic snorkeling and abundance of wildlife on the Caribbean side. Costa Rica is home to some of the most diverse biological attractions in the world. Embark on a Journey through the Beach, Jungle & Volcanoes of beautiful Costa Rica!

Discover the diversity of Panama. This eclectic country boasts a wonderful mix of natural jungle, indigenous cultures, colonial towns, a breathtaking archipelago and of course the famous man made marvel which provides passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Panama Canal. Take an unforgettable journey through Panama's Land of Diversity.


Travel to Cuba and experience one of the most unique travel destinations on earth. After over half a century of inaccessibility to American travelers. Explore Old Havana, limestone hills, or check out our comprehensive People-to-People journey. This island is seeping with culture and is now available to experience in its full splendor.


Discover the icy continent of Antarctica in two ways. For those who have little time (or prefer not to travel the Drake Passage), fly in and fly out. Or, if you enjoy cruising, sail to the Antarctic Peninsula, the remote South Georgia Islands and the remote seabird paradise of the Falklands. Explore our Extreme Impressions of Nature Journey, and immerse yourself in the vast wilderness and spectacular wonders of the icy continent of Antarctica.

The Other Americas await!

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